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WANNA PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE?FIND THE FUNNIEST JOKES HERE!Have you ever been in a company through friends and family, telling each other jokes? 18,000 COOL JOKES is an app that will always give you more and more jokes to tell and laugh. And if you just feel like wasting 5 minutes, you can always open 18000 Cool Jokes and put the smile on :)We are happy to present to you, the funniest app for Android!EXAMPLESAn angry husband returned home one night to find his wife in bed with a naked man.“What are you doing” he shouted.To which his wife said to her lover“See, I told you he was stupid.”———A guy goes into a bar, orders twelve shots and starts drinking them as fast as he can. The bartender says:- Dang, why are you drinking so fast?- You would be drinking fast if you had what I have.
- What do you have?- 75 cents.———Q: Why did God create man before woman?A: He didn’t want any advice.———A blonde call the fire department, because her house was on fire. They ask her how to get there and she replies: “Duh, big red truck!!!”———A little girl asked Santa “Santa, send me a sister.”Santa said “On one condition, send me your mother”-------------OVERVIEW-------------We have created the most advanced jokes application to give you jokes for your taste. With an intelligent algorithm considering your ratings and other people’s ratings, 18 000 COOL JOKES shows you the next joke you will like, and now you don’t have to read the same joke twice.-------------FEATURES-------------
* Easy PREV/NEXT navigation
* Shake detection for a random joke
* Rate jokes online-------------QUANTITIES-------------
* 18,000+ jokes – no internet connection required
* 49 categories – for anyone and any taste
* 50 best rated jokes – daily and weekly-------------SHARING-------------
* Facebook
* Twitter
* E-mail
* Copy to clipboard-------------SECTIONS & FILTERS-------------
* Favorites section for your favorite jokes
* Kids safe with Adult filter
* Filter by length – short/medium/long
* Settings section accessible from within the app
* Search jokes by keywordsEnjoy!

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