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HighThere! is the definitive social network for cannabis enthusiasts worldwide. Use HighThere! to expand your smoking circle, make new and authentic connections with other people like you, and share your thoughts and experiences through DailyJoints. Create your account, set your consumption, mood, and energy preferences...and get started. HighThere! will instantly match you with other users sharing your similar interests, based on location.'s up to you, whether or not to say "HighThere!", or "ByeThere!”. But no matter what, you’ll see, “You've got more friends than you think.”
Download the App. Meet your Buddies. Share a few Joints.It starts, when you say HighThere!Disclaimers:HighThere! is a community of like-minded cannabis users who want to make connections based on common interests. At no time may users use HighThere! to conduct any form of illegal activity, break state law, or otherwise endanger the well-being of others. To do so will be deemed an immediate violation and your profile will be either suspended and/or removed from the database permanently.HighThere! is not a place to post pictures of cannabis and/or cannabis consumption as is outlined in our Terms of Service. Instead, we encourage profile photos that are of you as a user, as a person in the culture, as a person to connect with. These should not include nudity, or any illegal activity of any kind. In addition, users are encouraged to report other members if they are not observing our Terms of Service, or our general HighThere! etiquette. We reserve the right to suspend and/or remove any user account which violates the Terms of Service for any reason, at any time.SafetyThe safety of our participants is critically important. There are steps that all users should follow to ensure their safety while using High There! Never share financial dataIgnore and report any request for you to send money, meet to exchange money or from anyone that asks for your personal financial information for any reason.Remember, you are in controlYou control who you connect with and when so don't give up your personal phone number, contact info or location unless you feel safe.We do not tolerate illegal activity! Period.We advise that you to not, - accept a request to meet for an exchange of goods, services or money.
- accept any offer to meet a group of people you do not know or have not become comfortable with first.
- participate with someone who asks you for money- engage with someone who vanishes mysteriously then reappears under a different name- engage with someone who asks for your address under the guise of sending flowers or giftsThe U.S. Federal Trade Commission's advice to avoid online scams is available herePlease report anyone who violates our terms of use!



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